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Why floor tiles are so hot

Floor tile is in numerous ground adornment material, floor tile becomes the first selection of consumer. Because it has quality of a material solid, facilitate clear, heat resisting, wear-resisting, acid alkali, impermeable water to wait for an advantage. In the selection of floor tiles, mainly from the following aspects to consider:

According to the functional requirement of individual interest and bedroom and field layout, can from the specification of floor tile, tonal, quality of a material, whether prevent slippery wait for a respect to undertake choosing.

In the selection of floor tiles should be good quality, brick selection, can be gently hit to see its sintering strength, sound clear and not cloudy, that its firing temperature is high, good quality.

Additional, still should notice the surface whether to have small hemp dot: usable hard object is carved in glaze, if do not have a mark to leave, explain crystal face quality is very tall, and the crystal face with high quality prevents slippery degree is better than average open body brick.
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